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Card Readings

This is definitely my most popular service.

(Given Covid-19, these readings take place over FaceTime/Skype/Zoom)

Sometimes you have specific questions that you are looking for an answer to. Other times you might want to see if there is somebody passed that has a message for you. Whatever the case, these readings are amazing moments where we take a deep dive into your life and struggles to give you the answers you need to move forward. 

 (See Reviews)




Reiki & Chakra Cleansing

These take my place in my studio at home. I use an assortment of gemstones to balance and cleanse your energy centers. 


Limpia (Spiritual Cleansing)

Cleanse yourself from negativity and any malicious energies that have managed to cling themselves to you. This is your way of starting fresh and starting anew.




Note: I am currently taking a break from in-person services. I want to keep myself and my family safe while RSV, Covid-19, and the flu are all getting passed around. You will see here when I am ready to accept in-person appointments again.

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